A Scattergories 2.0, now more fun than ever



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For those who miss the legendary Scattergories, the creation of Stop will come as good news. Stop is a very fun application where you have to find the right words to win as many points as possible in each round.

When you start playing for the first time, you'll notice that it's the same game you've always played, with the sole difference that you'll have fewer game pieces than in the original Scattergories.

Come up with as many words that begin with the same letter as possible for each category before time runs out. Pulverize your opponent by stopping the clock and winning extra points.

Each game has ten rounds where both players will be dealt the same number of chips. Compare what you have with your friends at the end of each round and enjoy all the different answers everyone has invented.

Every time Stop is updated new words and categories will be included.
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